What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

male Pattern Hair Loss

What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss is one of the most common hair loss types. It begins with a thinning on the temples or the crown of the head then advances and continues from there. It reaches to the final stage when the thinning on the crown and the temples join. Thinning starts around puberty or your twenties and it can develop very rapidly or rather slow depending on your genetic codes.

As we mentioned above, the cause of the male pattern hair loss is genetic, meaning that it is hereditary. Genetic codes collected from the parents, determine how rapidly hair loss will occur and how much hair will recover after falling out. DHT (the bad testosterone), which is one of the male hormones, is the main cause of male pattern hair loss. DHT causes this by shrinking the hair follicles. Growth, fall out and regrowth cycle of the hair is interrupted by the effect of DHT hormone. DHT shortens the growth period of the hair and weakens them.

How to Prevent Male Pattern Hair Loss?
Since male pattern hair loss is caused by genetics, there aren’t any definitive treatment methods available with today’s current technology. In some experiments, researchers tried to stop balding by suppressing the male hormone but it has failed miserably with very disturbing results such as breast and hip enlargement in the test participants.

There are measures that can be taken in order to delay this process and make it slower without interfering the DHT hormone which causes male pattern hair loss. So, you can strengthen and rejuvenate your hair follicles with the help of some measures while DHT in your body negatively affects your hair follicles. The first step is to observe your mother’s and father’s side for the occurrence of balding in their family history. If the males both in your mother’s and father’s side have faced premature balding, then you should be especially sensitive on the subject.

Factors such as stress, side effects of the medications you take, smoking, iron deficiency, negative environmental factors and unbalanced diet may cause hair loss to be much faster than normal. If you pay attention to these details, regularly treat your hair with effective products and benefit from the clinical procedures then you can considerably slow down your hair loss and delay this process which leads to baldness for quite a long time.

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